We believe that everyone should feel safe at home.

Peninsula Lighthouse serves the Central Coast Community by providing appropriate support to those that have suffered in a storm of trauma of abuse in the home. Aiming to keep homes free from harm, we partner with people to pave a pathway of success in life, to the point where they feel stronger. We seek to serve in transforming lives from simply “surviving to thriving”.  

Assisting people in working towards a fruitful future, the key goals that Peninsula Lighthouse aims to achieve includes the following:

  • Freeing you from the chains of the past
  • Understanding current and immediate needs
  • Tools – a support framework upon which you can build a future
  • Utilise local resources available
  • Representation and advocacy for those that have not the strength
  • Enjoyment and time out with fun and laughter.

The Peninsula Partners program provides employer support and education awareness. 

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Email: penlighthouse@gmail.com

We will guide you through the storm

Governance Principles


All people should be safe in their home.


Journeying with people suffering from the trauma of domestic abuse; 

Transforming lives from surviving to thriving

How we help ? 

Providing individuals a unique tailored assessment to help them with;

  • Safety
  • Finance
  • Legal advocacy
  • Community connections
    (Food, shelter and accommodation, care)
  • Counselling
  • Training, mentoring and ongoing support

​Your one stop shop mobile counselling support service on the Central Coast

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